Sunday, December 7, 2008

Options for planning the kitchen

Cooking is certainly one of the main premises apartments and suburban homes. The mistress of the house and the rest of the family spend in the kitchen considerable amount of time. It is the kitchen cooking and eating, as well as a special point of communication between the household. True well-chosen equipment and a kitchen fully affect the convenience of working at home, rest family members, as well as the homeliness and comfort in general.
kitchen planning
Methering kitchen, draw a plan, if necessary, consider that where you have put before you go outside you like buying furniture sets for the kitchen.

Kitchens may have a different configuration planning. The most common application of the following options for planning the kitchen: U-shaped, L-shaped, single, 2-rows. Their scope varies from one area of the kitchen. Why each of them.

U-shaped layout of the kitchen
For the kitchen with a window within the wall, the most justified this type of planning. At the same equipment installed along the walls without windows. This layout kitchen heavily saves space and fits not only with great planning, but planning for the small size of the kitchen, an area of 5-7 square meters. In the kitchen with a large area of the possibility of placing the dining room inside the kitchen. Apart from the economical use of space cuisine, U-shaped kitchen layout allows you to build a continuous work surface, which positively affected the overall ergonomics of kitchen space.

L-shaped layout of the kitchen
L-shaped layout is justified in kitchens small size, with a form resembling a square. The existence of such a kitchen dining table, only stronger than justifies the choice of this configuration. Rational use of a given layout makes it an ideal application in small and narrow kitchens. From the comfort of such a plan kitchens are the continuity of the working surface (which again raises the ergonomics), a clear differentiation in the working and dining area, as well as the possibility of rehabilitation work area near the window aperture.

Single kitchen plan
For kitchens, with narrow and extended sizes, most come odnoryadovaya layout of the kitchen. The essence of it is that working and dinner zone divided into two distinct longitudinal walls of the room. Equipment kitchen can be very compact spread along one wall, not using a lot of excess space. In doing so, the window in front wall evenly covers both zones. Such a plan kitchen to use two people.

2-rows kitchen planning
For rectangular kitchen facilities, a width of at least 2.2-2.4 meters, and which do not have enough space for the location of kitchens in a row, most come easy, but at the same time, convenient, dvuryadnaya configuration planning a kitchen. The easiest way to locate stove and sink on one side, a refrigerator and various cabinets for dishes from the opposite. But this is just one of many different options, such as broken kitchen to prepare food zone (fridge, sink, desk) and the zone of food (cooker and a table for cooking).